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Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry Netwoking Event, 12.07.2011

Distinguished Board Members of TBCCI;
Esteemed Members of Turkish British Business Council;
Honorable Guests;

I would like to thank the esteemed organizers for these successful series of networking events which help bring together prominent personalities from a wide array of sectors.

In my speech I wish to briefly reflect on the ever improving bilateral relations between Turkey and the UK, as well as to touch upon Turkey’s rapid economic progress in the past decade.

According to latest figures, Turkey has surpassed China and Argentina in terms of economic growth. With 11% growth, Turkey has been the only country to reach double digit growth figures in the first quarter of 2011 as many countries in Europe are coping with financial crisis. The World Bank has revised its expectations about Turkey’s annual growth in 2011 from 4% to 6%.

Turkey’s consistent high level of economic growth in the past decade is no coincidence. Economic reforms undertaken to fulfil EU criteria and measures geared towards promoting Turkey into the most advanced league of first ten biggest economies in the world by 2023 are the underlying factors of this rapid transformation.

Thanks to comprehensive banking reforms, an ambitious privatization program and revival of dynamic sectors along with reforms in the legal infrastructure, Turkey has become a key market for investors from all over the world. Turkey’s key geographical location adds to its economic allure.

Dear guests,

Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Turkey in July 2010 no doubt proved to be momentous in consolidating the strategic partnership between the two countries.

In that visit, PM Cameron described himself as the “strongest possible advocate” for Turkey’s EU bid. United Kingdom’s staunch support for Turkey’s entry into the EU must also be interpreted as the UK’s desire for an economically more stable and stronger Europe.

I don’t want to repeat statistical figures which demonstrate the impressive level of bilateral economic and trade relations have reached between the UK and Turkey.

As you know very well, the main driving force behind the ever improving relations between the two countries is the private sectors. Hence I believe that building a stronger symbiotic relationship between the public and private sectors is essential to ensure the continuity of exchange and interaction between the two countries.

As our relations continue to grow, the universal principles of rule of law, prosperity and peace upheld by our two countries will reach new frontiers and flourish to inspire new peoples.

Thank you.