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London Center for Social Sciences Welcome Reception 2011/2012, 02.11.2011

His Excellency,

Distinguished Academics,

Honourable Guests,

Dear Students,


I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers of the London Centre for Social Studies 2011/2012 Academic Year Welcome Event

for giving me this opportunity  to address to this  distinguished audience.  


Dear Students,


You have the privilege to start a new phase of your educational life here in London- one of the most important global centres of knowledge, science, research and innovation.


The United Kingdom attracts the brightest and the best, like you, being one of the most popular destinations for overseas Turkish postgraduate students who possess academic excellence. The Turkish Government estimates that there are currently 1450 Turkish students from Turkey, enrolled in British higher education institutions under Master’s and PhD programmes.


The foundations of a healthy and progressive society are no doubt laid with education. Those of you who have joined the London Centre for Social Studies from Turkey are the reflection of how much Turkey has progressed and opened up to the world in recent decades. As Turkey herself becomes more globalized, Turkish society is becoming ever more open to new ideas and innovation. Hence research and innovation, as well as expertise in all disciplines of social science not only play a central role to comprehensively understand but also give direction to social change in a rapidly evolving country like Turkey.


Distinguished Guests, Academics and Students,


I believe academia has a very important social role to play in guiding and transforming the immediate social environment it thrives in. Hence the high level of education you will acquire in the United Kingdom should be inspirational to those deprived youngsters who may lack the necessary resources, the suitable conditions or even the motivation to continue their education. As successful future academics, I urge you to engage with the Turkish community here in London and act with social responsibility to become ‘role models’ to the young Turkish people and encourage them to give priority to education.


Finally, I believe that with the academic wisdom you will acquire in the United Kingdom, you will not only help further transform Turkey into a more prosperous and democratic country but also a knowledge producing global actor. I believe that Turkey has a sufficient  infrastructure and intellectual capacity to become one of the main centres of science and education.  You are the key assets of Turkey in achieving this target.


I wish all of you success and happiness in the coming academic year.


Thank you.