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Business Network İftar KOnuşması, 24.08.2011

Honorable Members of Business Network,
Distinguished Guests,

-I wish to thank Business Network for organizing this wonderful Iftar and bringing together such high profile members of business life in London.

-As we approach the end of the holiest of months, we meet in this splendid venue to enjoy the riches granted to us by Allah.

-Addressing a group of such successful individuals, I wish to kindly draw your attention to the importance of social awareness by the most able and prosperous in society.

-I believe that we all have a duty to lead the communities we represent. To be role models to the ones who feel they have no future. To the young who feel deprived of opportunitties to make their dreams come true. In other words, the individuals who are equipped with the intellectual and material abilities must reach out to the marginalised and lead and lead them by example.

-Hence for a more prosperous, a better integrated and active Turkish community, I urge the members of this distinguished audience to reach out to their communities more than they have before and devote more to lead by example.

Honorable guests,

-2011 has been a challenging time for the Muslim world in general. Change has come sudden and unexpected. History is in the making by the peoples of a region spanning from the Maghreb to the Gulf. Ramadan provides the perfect opportunity for the Muslim world to abstain from violence and render the ongoing transformation process peaceful.

-The current conjunction is one that is also testing for the business world. It seems that global markets are going through a period of unpredictability. On the other hand, a growing number of business circles and political organizations have started to raise concerns for a more virtuous capitalism. It is in the mutual interest of gobal society that moral values accompany the desire to prosper. In this regard, I believe Business Network already sets a successful example to business elites in the UK.

-I take this opportunity to congratulate your Eid in advance.

Thank you.